Head Teacher: Mrs J Cook Hannah: Local Leader of Education and National Leader of Education

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs M Evans: Specialist Leader of Education for Early Years, Knowsley LA Mentor and Moderator for EYS.

Reception:         Mrs E Mitchell
Year 1:                 Miss Z Cook-Hannah
Year 2:                 Miss J Sharratt
Year 3:                Mr G Ellison
Year 4:                Mrs J Bird
Year 5:                Mrs S Quigley

Year 6:                Mrs A Guest

MFL teacher:     Mrs E Woodroffe

School Business Manager: Mrs C Glanvill
Assistant Admin/Resource Manager: Mrs K Campbell
Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor: Mrs Featherstone
Teaching Assistant and SEN support: Mrs Wright

Teaching Assistants
Ms Connolly
Mrs Davison
Mrs Donohue
Mr Walker
Mr Turpin
Mrs Gray
Mrs Newton
Miss O Langton
Miss J Kenworthy

Welfare Assistants
Mrs Coughlin
Mrs Parsonage
Mrs Walls
Mrs Rouski
Mrs Nicholls

Elaine McLaughlin

Ms Walls

Premises Officer: Mr Evans

Cook-in-Charge: Mrs L White

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs J Gray

Mrs M Marnick

Mrs G Walls