The primary admissions allocation day will take place on Thursday 16th April.  All applicants, whether online or postal, will receive a letter with confirmation of their allocated primary school.

All allocation letters are being sent out, by 1st class post, on Wednesday 15th April and therefore applicants should receive confirmation of their allocation on Thursday 16th April.

Online applicants will also receive an allocation confirmation email on the 16th April, as well as their letter. 

We urge parents not to call the Admissions Team until they have received their email or letter and/or have been to the website below to see if their query can be answered there. 

A lot of information and FAQs, for example regarding the appeals process, can be found on the webpage, which has now been fully updated and expanded in light of the current situation.

Additional information regarding transition arrangements cannot be finalised at this moment. 

Finally, please also note that due to social distancing measures, there are less staff available to take phone calls and respond to emails, therefore we are trying to alleviate the number of calls/emails the school receives by posting information via the school website and main Twitter account @HFCronton and recommend checking these first for further updates. We thank you for your patience during this very difficult time.



The deadline to apply for a place for September 2020 is 15th January 2020.

When applying for a school place a local authority form needs to be completed. The correct local authority form relates to the local authority in which you reside and pay your council tax to. You can include any school from any local authority but this information must be given on the application form from your own local authority. Please call into link offices if you require any further information. Applications can be made on-line on the website of the local authority in which you reside.

If applying for a place at Holy Family School, parents/carers must also complete a Supplementary Form. Please see link below. This form needs to be handed into the school and forms part of the admissions process so it is very important this this form, along with the admission form, is completed.

Please click on the link below to see a copy of the school’s admissions policy.

If any parent is unsure of the process or requires any further information, our office staff would be delighted to help.

You can contact the school on 0151 424 3926 or by email at

Admission Policy 2020-2021

Supplementary Form 2020-21