Holy Family is proud to be a Catholic School in which our Catholic faith guides the whole ethos of the school. Through the sharing of our faith, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment alongside excellent, innovative teaching where children learn and grow in faith and love.

Through the values of  respect, responsibility, love, honesty, patience and forgiveness which are explored every week during assembly, we aim to support our children to develop into well-rounded individuals who are willing and able to contribute to their community.

‘Praying, Playing and Learning Together.’

Our Mission

Following Jesus’ footsteps we will:

  • provide opportunities for all to develop an awareness of God’s presence in themselves and in others.
  • provide opportunities to respond to the word of God.
  • ensure all experience mutual respect, acceptance and love.
  • provide opportunities to promote community cohesion and togetherness.
  • strive for all to seek excellence and experience enjoyment.
  • provide opportunities for all to develop respect for others and the world in which we live.
  • seek to create learners who aspire to succeed.
  • seek to create independent, lifelong learners.