Hello and welcome to the Forest School page! If you have never heard of the Forest School approach, download our booklet here to read more about how we implement it at Holy Family. Our journey is beginning with a Forest School pilot programme that is being delivered over the Spring term with some of our Key Stage 1 children. Forest Schools will take place in the Wildlife Garden on our school grounds. Each week our Forest Schools Leader in training, Mrs Mitchell, will add photographs and information to this page to share what we have been doing including some videos from the children to show what they have enjoyed.

Week Three

In Week Three we sang loudly as we set off for Forest School and remembered the song so well! This time we were on the look out for habitats. We explored and found bug habitats, rabbit habitats and then all of a sudden found a friend in the tree! A bluebird needed our help! The children saw that she had fallen from her nest and decided to work together to build her a new one. Each nest was so well thought out, what a lucky bird she is to have such intricate and well thought out homes to live in! She was so pleased to meet us all and make some new friends. The children worked together, took turns explaining and reflected on their own creations.

Week Two

In Week Two we remembered the motto and the Forest School song and set off into the Wildlife Garden. Today was very special because something magical had happened! Everywhere looked like the land of Narnia! We thought something had caused all the snow, something, or maybe someone… The children decided it must be something magical and suggested The Snow Queen might have come to disturb the green grass. We braved the freezing cold and explored The Wildlife Garden searching for signs that she had visited. We found patches of mud where her sleigh had crashed, icicles hanging from the trees that she had zapped from her fingers and saw trails on the ground from her cape.

Week One

In Week One we learnt the Forest School song and talked about the motto of Forest School at Holy Family – Respect for ourselves, respect for each other, respect for the environment. We decided to go to the Wildlife Garden to see what we could find. We talked about everything we saw on the way and the different types of trees. All of a sudden we spotted a magical tree with hanging ribbons! Mrs Mitchell told us a story about the Little People who live in the forest and the dragons that had burnt down their houses. Sam suggested we rebuild the houses for them and we spent time using natural resources to build new homes and showing respect for the residents!

Here are some reflections from our first week from the children:

At the beginning I was a bit scared about something new but it was really fun. – Olivia, Year Two

I loved everything and want to do it again! – Jack, Year One