Summer Term b in Year One…

Well we have arrived at the end of the year and what a year it’s been.

Summer Term a in Year One…

We have enjoyed the warmer weather we have had in recent weeks and have had a lot more exploration in our outdoor areas now the sun has warmed up the soggy grass!

We have enjoyed celebrating Africa Day and St George’s day, been on a trip to visit the Door of Mercy and to see The Gruffalo’s Child at the theatre. We have also been learning dances in PE, celebrating the Queen’s birthday (which we will continue to celebrate after the holidays) and have been having music lessons with a new teacher.

In our Maths lessons we have been solving a problem a day and recording these in our new Maths books. We have been working with partners and independently to explain our understanding of fractions, doubles and halves, capacity and working on the 4 operations.

In English we have planned a holiday for Lenny, studied some significant English people and explored poetry by looking at a local poet, Roger Mcgough.

What a busy term it’s been! We are looking forward to more sunshine and more exploration and learning in the last half term.

A glimpse into our Summer term learning so far…

Spring Term b in Year One…

Since February half term we have been very busy in Year One! We have enjoyed celebrating World Book Day with a week dedicated to the books of our class author Oliver Jeffers. We wrote our own stories in his style with humour and our favourite characters, the boy and the penguin. We learnt about the fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood and acted the story out in the Wildlife Garden.

In Computing we learnt how to use the Internet to search for facts and information and found out about Beatrix Potter’s life and stories and we also did some more work on algorithms and debugging.

In Science we have learnt about growth and the season of Spring. We have also explored weather and how it changes from Winter to Spring.

We met someone new in our Maths lessons – Captain Hook! Each day he is posing a problem  and we are proving him right or wrong. We have solved problems, reasoned and made predictions and this has helped us to become fantastic mathematicians. We have explored problems involving number, addition, subtraction and multiplication and missing numbers.


Spring Term a in Year One…

In Literacy we have loved learning about the stories Aladdin and The Snow Queen. We have re-written the story of The Gingerbread Man and set it in the village of Cronton and have learnt about a traditional Chinese tale during our celebrations of Chinese New Year. We also loved learning about friendship and making the right choices with The Rainbow Fish story.

In Science we have learnt about Arctic Animals and studied the fish in our new fish tank.

In our Maths lessons we have been problem solving with addition and subtraction and counting in groups and sharing amounts equally. We have been working on being true mathematicians by explaining our answers using phrases like ‘I know this because…’. We have met Captain Hook who helps us start each lesson and have been recognising and talking about 2D and 3D shapes.

This half term we have learnt about Special People in our RE lessons and have talked about people who are special to us.

A glimpse into our Spring term learning…

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