About Holy Family School

The original school opened in December 1893 with 47 pupils and 2 members of staff. The original building, which had outside toilets, was located on the school car park.

There is a Log Book in the school dating back to when the school first opened which the children love to use when studying the history of Cronton and particularly our school.

Children moved across to the ‘new’ building in 1972. The new building consisted of two classrooms, a very small hall and toilets.

This has now grown to 7 classrooms, a large hall, a library, two offices, a staff room and a separate room for small group / individual work or peripatetic teaching, for example, music.

KS 1 resource

Key Stage 1 Resource Area

Outdoors, the children have access to wonderful, spacious play areas. The Reception Class and Year 1 have continuous access to their own outdoor classroom. Years 2 to 6 have access to a large playground and large field which contain an outdoor classroom, an amphitheatre, a story-telling area, a football pitch and an adventure trail. There is also a ‘Wildlife Garden’ which teachers use to further develop children’s awareness of the natural environment. Children can take part in den making, learn about habitats or just sit and experience the natural sounds and smells of outdoors. Canopies for all–weather play have been erected for Reception, Year 1 and for Year 2.

Outdoor Play Area

Reception and Year 1 outdoor play area


School playing field

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