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CHILDLINE – 0800 1111

The Childline Number is Free, doesn’t show up on your phonebill and is completely confidential, (that means no one will ever find out that you rang in the first place)

Remember!  If you are being bullied, tell a teacher or someone you trust straight away.

What is it?

Unfortunately bullying does go on in most schools but we cannot do anything about it if we don’t know.  Please tell a teacher, parent or other relative if you experience any of the following at any point in your life.

  • Being called names
  • Hitting, pinching, biting, pushing and shoving
  • Getting you into trouble by lying to either teachers, parents or other adults.
  • Stealing things from you
  • Drawing on or ruining your things, this includes pencil cases, books, bags etc
  • Trying to take all your friends away from you
  • Spreading rumours about you
  • Somebody threatening you or scaring you in any way
  • Making silent or nasty phone calls to you or your family
  • Sending nasty text messages
  • Being too scared to go into school and pretending you are too ill to attend.

Bullies will not stop unless somebody does something about it, but  nothing can be done if you don’t tell on them.  This is not ‘snitching’ it is protecting yourself and others and it’s a lot braver to tell on someone than to keep it to yourself and put up with it.  You have the right to a happy education and a great time at and outside of school. If you’re not happy make sure you tell someone.

Bullying Online say

“The best idea is if a teacher can catch the bullies red-handed. That way, you won’t get into bother from anyone for telling tales. It will be clear to everyone what has been going on. Don’t be tempted to hit back because you could get hurt or get into trouble.”

If you are not being bullied but know someone who is, please tell a teacher or your parents.  If you are worried that others will find out that you have told, then wait till after school.  Everything you say will be kept in the strictest confidence and therefore no one will ever know that it was you.

You could also try to be friends with the person that is getting bullied but this is not as easy as it sounds and you may be worried that the bullies will start calling you names too.

Remember that bullying is not just when somebody physically hurts you (hits or pushes you)  it is when somebody deliberately upsets you.  If it happens once don’t think that it will stop because it might not, make sure you do something the first time it happens.

How to cope with Bullying

  •– Learn about how to help yourself and others and defeat the bullies.  You can also look at their interesting presentations made my children themselves.
  • Anti  – Gives advice to young people on what to do if you or someone else is being bullied.
  • Childline – How to deal with being bullied.  Read true stories and get the confidence to speak out
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