The governors of a Catholic school work as a team, in close co-operation with the headteacher and all staff. All governors and staff contribute to the Catholic character of the school and the Catholic nature of the education provided, as set out in its mission statement.

The governing body ensures clarity of vision, ethos and the strategic direction of the school. It sets the school’s strategic framework and ensures all statutory duties are met.

Key questions for the governing body are:

  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How are we going to get there?

The structure of the Governing Body is as follows:

(a)     seven foundation governors;

(b)     two parent governors;

(c)     the head teacher;

(d)     one staff governor;

(e)     one local authority governor

The governors have also co-opted an associate governor with financial expertise. This governor does not have voting rights but has a wealth of financial expertise in supporting the Governing Body’s decisions particularly regarding financial management. Instrument of Governance can be accessed via this link. Holy Family Cronton Instrument of Government

The Governing Body have established a number of committees with delegated responsibilities in order to support and carry out the statutory duties of the Governing Body. These are:

Finance & Personnel Committee

Curriculum Committee

Pay Committee

Admissions & Pupil Discipline Committee

Attendance Committee

Appeals – Staff

– Pupils

Governors at Holy Family meet regularly in order to fulfil their duties and the cycle of meetings can be found below.


We will have 2 Parent Governor vacancies from May 2019 due to the end of their term of office.

Please find information below:

Parent Governor April 2019 v2

Governor List:

Name Governor Category Period Committee/Link Pecuniary Interests
Mrs Ria Raymond Foundation – Chair of Governors

Chair of Pupil Appeals

2016 – 2020 Finance & Personnel, Pupil Appeals, Pay Committee None
Mr Jim Wilson Foundation – Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of Staff Appeal Committee

Chair of Finance & Personnel Committee

2014 – 2018 Finance & Personnel, Pupil Appeals, Pay Committee,  Admissions & Pupil Discipline, Staff Appeals, Curriculum Committee, Attendance Committee Chair of Governors at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic College

Grandchild attends Holy Family

Mrs Siobhan Saunders Foundation – Chair of Curriculum Committee 2012 – 2020 Finance & Personnel, Staff Appeals, Curriculum, Appeal Committee None
Mrs Rachael Vickery Foundation – Chair of Attendance Committee


2016 – 2020 Finance & Personnel, Staff Appeals, Curriculum, Appeal Committee, Attendance Committee, Appeal Committee None
Mrs Stephanie Quigley Staff 2015 – 2019 Curriculum, None
Mr Chris Bivon Parent 2015 – 2019 Pupil Appeals, Attendance Committee Child attends Holy family
Mr Chris Green Parent 2015 – 2019 Admissions & Pupil Discipline, Curriculum, Child attends Holy family
Mr Peter Qualye Associate Finance & Personnel, Pay Committee, Appeal Committee None
Mr David Patrick Foundation 2015 – 2019 Pupil Appeals, Appeal Committee, Curriculum None
Vacancy LA Governor
Mrs Janette Cook-Hannah Headteacher N/A Daughter employed at the school and son owns Primary Progress Tracking System

Chair of Governors of another Catholic Primary School

Mrs Cathy Glanvill Clerk N/A Daughter employed at the school


Below you will also find information from Liverpool Archdiocese regarding Governance of a Catholic School that includes the roles and responsibilities of the governing body.

Governance of a Catholic School

Terms of Reference Full Governing Body and Committees