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Our Feeder High School

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic High School has been transformed in recent years. Principal Danielle Scott was appointed in 2018 and she has made it her mission to ensure that the school becomes a place of excellence and opportunity.

This has seen a new uniform, logo and branding coming into effect, as well as significant upgrades to the school buildings and facilities. Students are encouraged to practice the values of ‘respect’, ‘compassion’ and ‘aspiration’, and community spirit is very much at the forefront of all projects and ventures.

Ms Scott says: “We’re often asked what makes our school different. While there are lots of things about P&P that I am proud of, for me our ‘unique feature’ is how the individual skills and interests of each of our students are nurtured and encouraged. Every student is different, and therefore their learning journey and pathway to success should be different as well.

“Our vision as a school is to be an ‘Inclusive Community of Excellence and Opportunity’. This means that every aspect has to be excellent, from the facilities at our campus, to the teaching in our classrooms and the extra-curricular opportunities that we provide.

“We welcome students from every background, and we believe that this creates the rich and inclusive fabric of our community. We are completely committed, both within and outside of the taught curriculum, to provide opportunities for personal growth and development, so that your children can find their passion in life and place in the world.

“Over the last two years our results have hit new heights, placing us as one of the highest attaining secondary schools in Halton. What you see here now is students achieving academic excellence, the highest standards of conduct and behaviour and an exciting new curriculum.

“I’m really excited about the things that await our students, parents and staff in the coming months and years.”

With the school’s senior leadership team determined to introduce even more opportunities beyond the classroom to enrich the lives of their students, the prospects for both the school and its students are wide-ranging indeed.

If you have any questions about future academic intakes at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic High School, then please contact them directly via

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Overview video of Saints Peter & Paul Catholic High School:


Message from Holy Family Catholic Primary School alumni students, Phoebe and Frankie:


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