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Eco Team

The Eco Team think about environmental issues both in the school and in the wider world. The team is made up of two elected pupil from each class in KS2 who meets with the Eco co-ordinators, Mrs Wright and Mrs Guest, regularly to discuss and plan how to improve both Holy Family’s  school environment and that of the wider world. The Eco-team members feedback the key highlights of their meetings to keep everyone informed of their plans.

We try to take part in Awareness Days such as ‘World Water Day’ and the ‘RSPB Big Schools’ Birdwatch’. We also enjoy looking round the school to ensure lights and taps are turned off and reminding teachers to turn their TV screens off when not in use.

Planting, caring and harvesting our own vegetables is always fun and we are lucky to have our own gardening area in school. We also enjoy looking after the planters in the garden area and with Mrs Wright’s help have created a herb garden. The school also take part in a recycling scheme where we receive money for recycling old clothes which we can use to support our planting schemes.

This year we are working on completing the ‘Live Simply’ award, so our Eco Team members will be very busy!

Meet the Team

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