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Governing Body Structure

Governor List:

Name Governor Category Period Committee/Link Pecuniary Interests
Mr Jim Wilson Foundation & Chairperson 2014 – 2022 Finance & Personnel, Pupil Appeals, Pay Committee, Policy Review, Admissions & Pupil Discipline, Staff Appeals, Curriculum, Request for Absence Chair at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic College
Mrs Siobhan Saunders Foundation & Vice Chair 2012 – 2024 Finance & Personnel, Staff Appeals, Curriculum, Appeal Committee None
Mr Paul Cuthbert Foundation 2019 – 2023 Request for Absence, Pupil Appeals Children in School and Mother in Law employed 
Mrs Marie Riley Foundation 2019 – 2023 Finance & Personnel, Curriculum,  Child in School
Miss Adele Reece Foundation 2021 – 2025 Curriculum Employed at Sts Peter & Paul Catholic School
Mrs Alison Guest Staff 2019 – 2023 Curriculum,  None
Mrs Claire Rixham Parent Governor 2019 – 2023 Admissions and Pupil Discipline, Request for Absence, Pay Committee Child in School
Mrs Sharon Naughton Parent Governor 2021-2025 Finance & Personnel, Curriculum,  Child in School

2 x Vacancy – Foundation Governor
1 Vacancy – LA Governor

The above certify that they have declared all interests which they or any person/firm/company connected* to them have with businesses or other organisations which may have dealings with the Company.

* A person is connected to a Governor if they are a child, stepchild, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother, sister or spouse of the Governor or any person living with the Governor as his or her partner.

* A firm or company connected to a Governor if it is one in which the (Director)/(Governor) is a partner; an employee; a consultant; a director; a member; or a shareholder

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