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Governor Documents /Attendance

Instrument of Governance can be accessed via this link.

Holy Family Cronton Instrument of Government

The Governing Body have established a number of committees with delegated responsibilities in order to support and carry out the statutory duties of the Governing Body. These are:

  • Finance & Personnel Committee
  • Curriculum Committee
  • Pay Committee
  • Admissions & Pupil Discipline Committee
  • Attendance Committee
  • Appeals – Staff
  • Appeals – Pupils

Governors at Holy Family meet regularly in order to fulfil their duties and the cycle of meetings can be found below:

Meeting Dates 2020-21

Attendance 20/21

Surname Forename Date          11/9/2020 Date        30/9/20 Date          2/2/2021 Date 18/5/21 Date 13/7/21 Total Meetings attended
Wilson James P P       2
Saunders Siobhan P P       2
Cuthbert Paul P A       1
Riley Marie P P       2
Nicholls Paul P P       2
Loughnane Adam A A       0
Dunne Jessica A A       0
Quayle Peter A A       0
Guest Alison P A       1
Raymond Maria A A       0
Rixham Claire P P       2

Attendance 19/20

Surname Forename Date          25/9/2019 Date        5/2/20 Date         July 2020 Total Meetings attended
Wilson James P P P 3
Saunders Siobhan P P P 3
Cuthbert Paul n/a P P 2
Riley Marie P P P 3
Nicholls Paul P P P 3
Loughnane Adam n/a A P 1
Dunne Jessica P P P 3
Quayle Peter P A P 2
Guest Alison n/a P P 2
Raymond Maria P A P 2
Rixham Claire P P P 3
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